Dashboard settings section explained

Here you will be able to update your email address, change the password, brand name, payment and contact options, DNS and the pricing strategy that's right for your business.



Here, you will be able to update the email address associated with your account. We also highlighted your brand "LOGO" and "brand slogan" as well as "Contact Options" and "Payment Methods" which you can modify in "Brand" section. 


Here, you can update your current password. Start by typing your "Current Password", then add your "New Password" and retype it again in "Confirm Password" and click on "Update", your password will be updated.



If you are willing to use your own private commercial name for your business, you can set your brand information below. Once you have set your brand name, it can be modified at any time you want.

Brand name: A sign, symbol, words, or a combination of these that identifies your product and differentiates it from others.
Brand Slogan: A short phrase that you can use to make your products stick in consumers memories.
Logo: A picture in 150px*100px in PNG format which represents your brand.
*This picture can include a combination of your brand name or brand slogan

Contact Option: Here, you can provide a list of the ways your customers can communicate with you.
Payment Option: By adding a payment method, your customers will realize what payment options you offer.



By setting up a "DNS", all the lines you provide your customers with are labeled with your private hostname.
Warning! Changing "DNS" may cause interruptions for current users and you need to provide new URLs to them.


Here you can modify the price for all the different packages that you offer through your service and your clients will be able to purchase subscriptions from you directly from their Dashboard.

Please note these settings can be changed at any time. 




IPTV Dashboard