How to create an IPTV Trial in the dashboard?

This tutorial aims to get you acquainted with how to make an IPTV Trial in the Dashboard.

Please note, in order to create a Trial account, you must have at least 8 credits inside your wallet. 

Step 1: On the left side of your main menu, click on "New Line" and select "New Trial".



Step 2: In this step, you need a valid Email address.
Because we will send you an activation Email, to get access to your free trial, you must provide a correct and valid email address. You must also have access to the email account you provided.



Step 3: Now you can select the “Line Username” and “Bouquet List” as arbitrary choices and click on “Create” to finish the process.



Important information before creating a Trial

You are allowed to make up to 4 trials with each valid Email address.

- Each IPTV trial can be activated only twice with a specific provider.
- The first request for trial is valid for 24 hours and will reduce to 1 hour for further requests.
- After submitting, the trial will not be functional until it's being activated and after activation, the trial will start to work.
- There is a manual activation URL for verified Email addresses, however, clients with unverified Email addresses must activate the trials by entering to their respective email accounts and click on the activation link.
- Access to resending the confirmation email is only valid for 3 attempts and only visible to resellers.



Step 4: In this phase, please go to your Email address(which you provided earlier) and activate the IPTV trial.



Manual Activation:

Step 5: Go to “Clients” section, click on options and select “Manual Activation”.



Step 6: You can now manually activate the trial or resend activation details to the Email address which you provided earlier.



Step 7: Click on “Activate My Trial or show the details”.


How to create IPTV Trial


Now your trial is activated and ready to use. You can also add Enigma2 and MAG Mac address to the trial and download the M3U file by clicking on “Download”.


How to create IPTV Trial



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