How to create new IPTV subscriptions?

This simple guide runs through the basics of creating subscriptions in your Dashboard as well as assigning it to your clients. 

Step 1: On the left side of your main menu click on “+ New Line”.

Step 2: Choose a package (Example: 6 Month,1 Year…etc).

The username will be generated automatically, however, you can change the username by selecting the blue button.

The price of each package is written along with credit, which will be deducted at the time of making the line.


Step 3: Select "Bouquet List" as per your client request or with "Bouquet List" list.

The "Bouquet List" determines what categories of channels you want to have in your subscription. For example, if you want Albania and Bein sports channels and you do not need the rest of the categories, you can drop all the other packages and tick Albania and Bein packages. After making the line, you can also edit "Bouquet List" later.

Step 4: In the note section, you can add any information about your client or you can leave it blank.

Assign Dashboard: In this section, you can assign a dashboard to your client.
Click“Assign Dashboard” and enter your clients' Email address.

Please note: For the existing clients, the account will be added to the client's dashboard and for new clients, the login information will be sent to her/his Email address.

Step 5: Click “Create” to finish the process.

Now your new line is ready to use.



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