How to use IPTV Dashboard

This tutorial aims to get you acquainted with our brand new dashboard and show you how and where to perform some common tasks.

The following is a plain and simple guide for you to make you familiar with the most recent features added to your service.


Exploring the Dashboard

Stats: A tool that represents the status of your subscriptions and transactions.

New Line: A major feature with a user-friendly interface that enables you to generate new subscriptions.

Clients: Since our Clients section has become so feature rich, we decided to divide this part into three sections:

⦁Manage lines: Here you'll see a listing of your created subscriptions that should include your active and expired lines which you can simply separate by advanced filtering with a few clicks. You can inspect all of your clients and update any information about each subscription. For instance, you can edit Bouquet Lists, extend and add up to five connection per user.

⦁Manage users: In the Manage Users section, you can quickly obtain any information about your users, edit their email addresses and Enable\Disable each subscription.

⦁Permissions: Information about how to assign basic permissions to your Clients.

Below is a list of the main features:
1. Manage, enable or disable subscriptions.
2. Add, edit or remove MAG and Enigma2 Mac addresses.
3. Check connection details about each subscription.
4. Assign and edit dashboard for clients.
5. Toggle passwords for improved security.
6. Download plugins, run diagnosis, parental code change and manual Trial activation.

Resellers: Here you will be able to control and manage your resellers. Expand your business with the best accessories besides lots of features our sub-reseller program has to offer, such as adding new sub-resellers, manage your customers' demands, Increase and decrease credits, access your order records, arrange your business hours and a completely customizable payment option.

Wallet: Here you can add credits to your account using credit cards or bitcoin wallet.
Pick a payment method and checkout, after checkout you will need to verify your payment via 4 digit code, after your payment is completed, a code will appear on your bank statement, use it to verify the payment.

Notwithstanding bitcoin transactions will be sent instantly to your account and there is no need for verification.

You can also redeem a gift code or promotional code, When you redeem this code the gift will add to your current balance.

Channel report: With the help of this feature, you can report problems with channels and keep records of your previous reports.
You can start by writing the channels name and selecting the issue it has and click submit, our technical team will investigate the report and if the issue is from our side, it will be fixed within 24 hours.

Activity Logs: This feature allows you to regularly analyze the way you use your Dashboard and obtain insight into your activities.
For example, You can see the IP addresses which were used to access your account, you can see your sign-in history, information about line management, including adding a subscription or editing passwords etc.etc

Requests: Here you can keep the record of your customers' purchases and control your whole support process from one place. Your Customer can send support ticket request from your website and also attach a document.

Help: This feature is intended to provide the customer or clients with information and support related to our services, such as Troubleshooting Tips, General Help Topics, and Instructions on how to set up IPTV on different devices.

Settings: Here you will be able to refresh your email address, modify your password, brand name, payment and contact options, DNS and the pricing plan that fits you and your business.


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