What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television.  This new low-cost technology is superseding the traditional satellite and cable subscription for many users around the world.

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IPTV, the abbreviation of Internet Protocol Television, is a service which delivers the television channels through the logical Internet protocol (IP) instead of traditional methods such satellite and cable televisions. Such service can bring numerous advantages along with other IP-based services.

Some of the privileges of IPTV

Interactivity: Users can search for their favorite programs based upon the title of the program, name and time of the sports match, and even the actors’ name. From this, users can save their time by watching specific shows in particular time and never leave their favorite programs unwatched.

Video On Demand (VOD): This is a unique service by which IPTV customers can rent movies or programs and play, pause, fast-forward or rewind it just like what users do with DVD players.

Economical: By using IP-based service, customers can utilize different service instead of buying several separate services and this is economical.

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