Will I experience buffering as I watch IPTV?

The main underlying reasons for buffering can be categorized in3 main sections: Internet speed, hardware processor, and the server through which the IPTV is streamed. The fluctuation of the Internet download speed will lead to buffering. Also, if your TV or media box is unable to handle the high-quality input streams (for example HD channels) this can cause buffering. Finally, when the severs of the IPTV providers are being overloaded as a result of over-streaming by the users, this will cause buffering too.  Moreover, if you use VLV, KODI media players or a Smart TV app, you might look into the ways by which you can tweak your connection to reduce the amount of buffering.

Buffering in IPTV

99% of all buffering issues are related to the internet speed and the data packet loss, which is something that we can do nothing about except changing the ISP. For example, If you are having a 50Mbps internet connection, but the connection is losing packets you will definitely face problems, therefore, speed is not the major factor. Similarly, if you are operating your IPTV set-up box on a WiFi connection this can also result in buffering issues. We suggest raising the Buffer time in the settings section to 15 seconds, this will greatly reduce the buffering. The global internet appears with no guarantees with the quality, and many factors can prevent a streaming video to run smoothly. 

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