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The Most Common IPTV Device; MAG

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Entertainment nowadays is immensely changed from what it used to be in the past. New technology has made it possible for us to stream shows and films without having an overpriced cable TV subscription. IPTV set-up boxes such as the MAG are definitely capable to completely substitute your current cable service. Additionally, they offer you a lot more extra features and benefits for your entertainment world at a portion of the expense of a regular TV cable provider.

Infomir MAG boxes hold some of the most strong streaming media players available on the market. Fans of IPTV around the world choose them for their speed, simplicity, and excellent performance. With their support of Stalker middleware, they can be utilized by an unending variety of IPTV providers.

An overview of a MAG box


MAG box is a set-top box manufactured by Infomir for running media on your TV. Additionally, you will be able to play offline media contents from a storage device by using a USB port. The Majority of IPTV users prefer a MAG set-up box over an Android set-up box. The reason behind it is because of its primary backing of the Stalker middleware. This will allow you to connect to IPTV service providers and stream live TV or watch Video on Demand contents. It additionally presents EPG functionality and overall is the genuine decision for IPTV users.

Media Support

One of the main key features for MAG set-up boxes will be file support. This indicates that no matter what kind of data format you decide to play with your set-top box, it will work without any restrictions. It gets even better with the support for older file formats, therefore, you don’t need to download old films in latest formats when using these set-up boxes.

Additionally, these set-up boxes support an extensive range of audio file formats as well. The audio output is excellent due to the high-quality pattern applied to these set-up boxes which would increase the overall entertainment content you receive based on the paid value.


Because these are IPTV boxes, internet connectivity is certainly added. Their robust Wi-Fi feature is able of picking signals from a good range and if you require connecting to the internet quickly, there is an Ethernet port which can be used to connect to the internet directly. The direct internet through Ethernet can be helpful in some circumstances where your Wifi signal is too weak for streaming HD contents.


Another big feature that these set-up boxes have is that it provides you with the ability to record the content you are viewing. This is a major feature for sports fans because it would enable them to make sure they never miss a particular sporting event. Additionally, if you are the kind of person who cannot endure missing a single episode of your beloved TV series, you can use the recording feature using your MAG set-up box. The recording ability begins with programmability, so it will allow you to arrange your set-top box to begin recording contents from a specific channel at a particular moment.

Electronic Program Guide

Additionally, these set-up boxes have a great Electronic Program Guide interface. This provides you with access to single-channel or grid EPG view with integrated catch-up and time-shift features. For many users, this feature solely is worth the change to a MAG set-up box.

Processing power

Another important feature is processing power and speed. This guarantees compatibility with the newest apps and makes surveying the menus and channels notably smooth.

Information about counterfeit boxes

There are many low-cost fake MAG set-top boxes accessible on most of the online shopping websites. While you might save some cash by purchasing them, we suggest to always go for the original Mag boxes developed by Infomir.

Those set-up boxes are offered at a cheaper value for a reason. They are manufactured with poor quality, produced with low-cost elements and materials. Probabilities are high that these set-up boxes will stop functioning suddenly and you settle for purchasing a secondary set-up box.

Final conclusion

To wrap things up, this set-up box is excellent. It doesn’t demand too much space or money, and it’s packed with a bunch of interesting highlights and is one of the greatest IPTV set-up boxes available on the market.

The firmware upgrades are automatic so the most recent update will be installed for itself. With lots of features and benefits, this IPTV set-up box will answer all of your demands at an affordable value. It’s a simple and effective solution to take your IPTV experience to a whole new level. Therefore, we suggest this  IPTV set-up box without any doubts.