An electronic program guide (EPG) is a feature utilized with most digital IPTV devices and modern televisions to post current and cataloged programs that are or will go live on each specific channe

Kodi is one of the most compelling parts of entertainment Apps you can acquire and allows you to stream a variety of content from the internet or local storages.

What is MAG?

Infomir's MAG is by far one the best IPTV devices in the world. After 2007, Infomir produces Set-Top Boxes following the brand name MAG. These Set-Top Boxes are multi-functional devices that allow

In the following, some of the most important advantages of STBs are explained.

Interactive program guides: This feature provides the updated scheduling information of curren

STB stands for Set-up Box is a device that turns the input signals to the one that can be displayed on a TV screen or other devices. STB also called Set-up Unit (STU) are common tools to watch IPTV

Amazon Fire Stick is a powerful media box which can turn your ordinary TV to a smart one. 4000 channels, apps, games, more than 250,000 TV episodes, and HDMI port are some of it features. Many user

Open KODI, then move to “System” tab and open “File Manager” settings.
Select “Add source” and then click “None” option.
Insert the link of

Chromecast is a streaming dongle produced by Google and is used to directly stream contents from users’ smartphones as well as control playback of Internet-streamed audio and visual contents

Apple TV is a powerful media device than is used for streaming media contents including live stream. It supports HDMI port, equipped with an infrared based remote control and can be connected to th

The ability to install Add-on is probably the most fascinating feature of KODI by which customer can install numerous adds-on that customize its interface. The open source feature makes it availabl

In the past, KODI was called XBMC and some of the KODI codes come from XBMC2008. Plex a part of KODI which is more user-friendly but is not an open source app. Plex provider have managed strict con

Watching free channels such as Fox, History, and etc. even in 4K quality is of the preferred features of Roku[ By clicking on “Top Free Channels” you can find all the free content that

Roku is a Media Streaming Box by which users can easily stream and watch movie, music, TV series on their TV screens. It can be connected to the Internet by both WiFi or Ethernet cable. Since Roku

The Answer is simply No! KODI can be installed on Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu operating system. However, Roku is not compatible with none of the mentioned operat

KODI is a powerful app that can be used on multiple operating system such as Microsoft Windows, MAC and Linux. Since people often do not tend to watch live stream on their PCs or laptops, and prefe

Catch up service is only available on the channels that are marked with the orange clock icon.
Go over the channel you wish to use catch up on, but don’t press OK!
You should see a

Internet Protocol Television is an Internet-based technology which provides the access to TV programs to the users. According to TV signals are delivered via

Streaming media over the Internet back to the mid-1990s when the users connected to the Internet via dial-up connections. The low

SVOD stands for Subscription Video On Demand, is an

VOD, an abbreviation of Video On Demand, is a feature of IPTV by which use

Streaming is a term that stands for watching a video or listening to audio in real time, instead of downloading a media file. This service needs a proper

OTT stands for Over-The-Top content, refers to multimedia streaming and broadcasting through the Internet without the need of satellite, cable TVs or other media transmitters. Ther

Enigma2 is an open source software which is compatible with the Linux operating systems. It has an easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface) whic

When the channels list is divided into particular groups such as movies, sports, documentaries and etc. it is called Bouquets. This feature facilitates the process of channel finding.

Amazon FireTV is a streaming media player. Actually, it is link between the Internet and streaming sources and your TVs. Accordingly, customers can access to the media streaming service such as IPT

As time passes TVs are becoming smarter and this will prevent the owner of the old TVs from smart features and applications; however, there exist numerous streaming media players which can be conne

It is a mini PC device running the Android operating system which can be used for watching IPTV. There exist various Android TV Box brands including Nvidia Shield, Amazon Fire Box,

MAC, an acronym of Media Access Control address, is a unique feature which identifies device manufacturers’ registered number and will be usable when the device has to be uti

IPTV can be played by connecting your device to the Internet, therefore it does not need for satellite, receiver or any kind of antenna. 


Minimum required bandwidth for streaming IPTV

Generally, this depends on the coding format of streaming. While there exist various coding formats which assure the best image quality along with high level of compression such as H264, other form

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television.  This new low-cost technology is superseding the traditional satellite and cable subscription for many users around the world.

What is M3U list?

The M3U list is a text file format which contains information regarding the channel list such as the nam

IPTV is a flexible service which can be watched on a variety of devices. One the simplest way is to watch IPTV on personal computers or laptops. There are many free software and apps which can be u

Although it depends on the quality of channels, watching IPTV for one hour is roughly equal to download a video file with one hour of length. Assuming the size of one hour video varies between