Since Genesis 5 was completely written from scratch, it’s menus and points are thoroughly different and will not work with the old points. You must re-add your Genesis submenus and widgets.

This delay happens when Genesis pulls different sources from all the various hosts that have been set up by you. If the delay takes unusually long time, you need to disable non-working or low quali

To install the KODI add-on at Add-on manager follow the instructions:
In Setting, click Add-on
Install from repository (v15/v16) / Get add-ons (v14)
KODI add-on repository

If the add-on receives streams from only a single source (M4U, 123Movies, etc.), it would be possible that source is down and in this case you have to wait for an update. On the other hand, when th

If the KODI is open, exit out of it.
Go to your Android Settings. To do so, you may need to access a “More Settings” tab. Scroll down and click the Apps button.
On the li

Although there is no specific way to fix buffering on the KODI, there are some mandatory items by checking them you can assure that your Internet connection works well and is not the cause of buffe

Remove the Internet cable from the MAG box.
Reset the MAG box.
Wait until you can see the “Page Loading Error”  on the screen.
Plug-in the Internet cable to the box.

First of all, you need to make sure the MAG device is connected to the Internet and the correct

Sometimes you might encounter problems that simply can't be fixed or diagnosed as the way applications are being developed, there might contain some sorts of bugs or issues that you can completely