Since Genesis 5 was completely written from scratch, it’s menus and points are thoroughly different and will not work with the old points. You must re-add your Genesis submenus and widgets.

The Kodi software started its existence as the Xbox Media Player for the first Xbox console and it was known as XBMC back in 2002. Now you can

In this article we will show you how to reset and clear cache the Kodi application for Android, but maybe some steps be a little different in different version of Androids.

At first, you have to connect your KODI box to the Internet by using Ethernet cable, not the Wireless connection since the wireless get a fraction of the Internet speed, not the whole one.

Sometimes when the users try to switch a loading message appears on the screen. This issue can be tackled by rebooting both the modem and the

We usually face with some specific issues in MAG boxes.
The 2 prevalent error messages we meet are:

  • STB blocked or Black Screen
  • Page Loading Error

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