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An Introduction to Dreamlink set-up Bxes

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In order to learn what the Dreamlink set-up boxes are designed for, first, you need to know what the term IPTV means. Very similar to conventional television channels, these set-up boxes are based on physical telecast methods, IPTV is television that is transmitted across the internet. However, in order to obtain this content, you need more than just a TV screen or a Laptop. You will require a machine that has been precisely created to harmonize toward the IP addresses on which these channels are being transmitted. Additionally, it is much more beneficial to own a dedicated IPTV set-up box in your living room than having to watch Television on your Computer or Laptop with a small display.

The Dreamlink set-up boxes are products that accommodate access to these IP addresses. They introduce a perfect user interface based on the Stalker Middleware which has been seen in MAG set-up boxes, an interface that is created to transform these online channels inside a menu from which you can simply choose the channels you desire to watch. Basically, these set-up boxes make it simpler and comfortable for you to watch the numerous channels available through your IPTV service. The Dreamlink set-up box also includes a web browser, video content player, and a variation of different apps. The Dreamlink set-up box comes with a built-in Android operating system mixed with the Stalker Middleware in order to provide you with an interface that is fully suited to IPTV service. The use of Android as the operating system indicates that you can even use social media as well as playing a comprehensive number of Android games on your big TV screens.

Dreamlink set-up box vs Android set-up Box with Kodi

Android boxes are becoming more popular these days. These set-up boxes use the official Android operating system and giving you access to a lot of Applications and Games through Google store. Almost all the Android TV set-up boxes run Kodi, a media player with diverse add-ons, providing access to VoD and live TV channels through IPTV services. The downside in comparison is that these Kodi boxes do not support the Stalker Middleware. However, there are Stalker emulators available on Android which emulates the Stalker Middleware user interface, but the experience is not the same as a Stalker Middleware set-top box.

Dreamlink vs Mag set-up box


The MAG 256 and MAG 254 are another common choices for streaming IPTV channels. These set-up boxes are produced by Infomir, the company that developed the Stalker Middleware. The Mag set-up boxes are as proficient as the Dreamlink set-up boxes when it becomes to streaming IPTV channels. Although, they are based on a much more restricted operating system. Therefore, they do not present the extra Android benefits and Application support that Dreamlink set-up boxes are offering.

Stalker Middleware joined with Android

Dreamlink set-up box is available with an Android operating system that has been adjusted to run the Stalker Middleware. This provides you with another set of menus where you can select among the numerous IPTV channels and Applications downloaded on your Dreamlink set-top box. Dreamlink set-up box comes with the ability to stream HD videos as well as recording those channels on a memory stick. The Stalker Middleware joined with the leading Android operating system is notably a key feature for the Dreamlink set-top boxes. This provides you with primary support for decent IPTV streaming and allows you to utilize Android-based Applications downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Media Support

One characteristic that is common to the majority of set-top boxes such as Dreamlink or MAG is comprehensive multimedia support. This ensures that every type of video or audio file format will be compatible and supported with your set-top box. Therefore, it's not necessary to change the file format if you want to watch a video or listen to a song.


Internet connectivity is included through powerful Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Wi-Fi is able to catch signals through a wide range of distance and if you want to connect directly to your set-up box, there is an Ethernet port designed for wired connection. The wired connection can be valuable in some places where The Wi-Fi signal is weak for streaming HD contents. The diversity of features and benefits included in these set-top boxes are very helpful and adds a lot of value based on the money you spend on these set-up boxes.

Recording on Dreamlink

Another excellent trait introduced in the Dreamlink set-up boxes is video recording which provides you the advantage of recording the media you are watching. This is a big aspect for sports enthusiasts. This feature allows them to never miss a sporting event. The recording feature will allow you to arrange your set-top box to begin recording contents from a specific channel at a particular moment.


The brand-new and improved Dreamlink set-up box stand out amongst other set-up boxes in terms of value and advanced interface. With key features and excellent streaming abilities, the Dreamlink set-up box is still one of the best choices available on the market for streaming IPTV channels on your TV.