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Best Affordable Android TV Boxes

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It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on an Android set-up box. In the current generation, it’s totally possible to purchase a high-quality set-up box without spending a large amount of money. Here is the listing of top 4 Android boxes that are available in the market for an affordable price with a top quality design.

  • Leelbox Q2 mini Android 7.1 TV Box
  • Henscoqi MXQ PRO 4K Android TV Box
  • Leelbox Q1 Android 6.0 TV Box with BT 4.0
  • Zenoplige T95X Amlogic S905X Android 6.0 Marshmallow Smart Android TV Box

An overview of Android TV Box

For those who are not familiar to Android set-up boxes, here’s a brief demonstration. An Android TV box is a small set-top box that enables the user to stream media content to the TV through the Internet. As you might have now imagined, it comes with the Android operating system.Most of these set-up boxes are capable of streaming HD or 4K media contents at an astonishing resolution and picture quality. Based on the hardware specifications and installed apps, the users can have access to hundreds of movies, live streams, songs, games and other exciting contents.Fundamentally, it blasts past the limits of a traditional TV and offers you all your favorite contents with a few simple clicks at an affordable price.

.1 Leelbox Q2 mini

Android TV Box GOOD
  • Excellent Value for Cash
  • Quick and stable firmware
  • Enhanced performance with 2GB RAM
  • Kodi preloaded inside the box
  • The box doesn't include dual-band WiFi

Product Specifications

The M8S is a set-up box supplied with a Cortex A7/Quad Core processor and Penta Core GPU. It includes WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, Android 6 OS, 2GB RAM, and 8GB EMMC Flash. Furthermore, it contains Kodi pre-installed and also supports 4k video contents. Primarily, it comes with a pre-configured settings that will manage streaming without any problems. It’s perfectly able to play high-resolution videos without the delay or buffering which can be a key point.

Our in-depth review of Leelbox Q2

It was simple and straightforward to get this set-up box to operate. Unlike other products, this box didn't cause too much trouble to start operating. It loaded up in a few seconds, and the set-up was fast as well. We encountered a small bit of delay while scrolling through the several menus. However, it’s not a big deal and it would not wreck your experience. With these set-up boxes, the remote control is always an important aspect. The Leelbox Q2 mini set-up box arrives with a remote control that reacts well to the buttons you press on the remote. It feels very responsive and it allows you to navigate through the menus quickly.We have watched lots of media contents on this set-up box and we haven't experienced any buffering or stopping. The Wi-Fi performed very well. Essentially, both the connection and streaming speed were functioning as long as the internet connection was up to the task. It easily plays high definition contents without any lag or delay. Based on its low price, this set-up box performed very well and it was up to the expectations.


In the main menu, you can see some pre-installed apps. Considering the fact that a great Android set-up box is all about customizable settings, it must be entirely adjustable to any apps you want. This set-up box is no exception. It gives you full control of your android set-up box. Additionally, the set-up box offers a 12-month guarantee to resolve all the after-sales concerns.


Although this set-up box costs less than 50 dollars, it would have been amazing to include a dual band wifi on it. However, we haven´t experienced any problems streaming IPTV channels, the 2.4 GHz does get congested. Having the ability to change to the high-speed 5 GHz band would have been a killer feature.

Final Verdict

Based on its excellent usability, features, and quality, you will receive much more than what you paid. Accordingly, this set-up box goes to our list of low budget Android set-up boxes.

2. MXQ Pro 4k

  • Ideal for using Kodi
  • High-performance CPU & GPU
  • 4K compatibility
  • Low cost
  • Easy to operate
  • Bad design
  • 1 GB RAM
  • No Bluetooth compatibility

Product Specifications

MXQ Pro 4k appears with the capability to stream 4K contents without any lag or delay. This set-up box is infused with a Quad-Core processing unit and a powerful Penta-Core Mali-450 GPU. It also contains a 8GB internal storage for storing your contents and 1 GB RAM. Furthermore, the set-up box comes with a steady Wi-Fi signal. This set-up box also supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Moreover, the set-up box has HDMI output which provides an excellent picture quality.

Our in-depth review of MXQ

The OS used in MXQ is Android 6. The set-up box operated very well from the start, and it arrived preloaded with some useful apps. You can watch Youtube videos for hours without running into any issues. This set-up box is pre-programmed with some useful add-ons which enables you to pretty much plug and play. Additionally, it highlights a LED light on the device to let you know if the set-up box is on or off. The addition of 8GB NAND FLASH is an excellent feature. It enables you to install your wanted apps and save them much quicker. Furthermore, it enables you to insert SD cards to expand your storage.The remote control included in the package isn’t the greatest. In particular, there were moments when it declined to give commands to the set-up box. The 1GB RAM is a bit of a disappointment too considering the fact that most of the set-up boxes available on the market come with 2GB RAM. Another point worth specifying over here is that this set-up box doesn't support Bluetooth.

Final Verdict

Considering it’s price tag, It’s as close as you can get to a good Android set-up box for less than 50 dollars. It’s perfect for IPTV streaming just like other expensive set-up boxes.

3. Leelbox Q1

Leelbox Q1 GOOD
  • Excellent user interface
  • Pre-loaded with Kodi and other useful apps
  • Bad design

Product Specifications

This low cost set-up box grants users with unlimited hours of entertainment. It’s infused with S905 Cortex A53, so it’s strong enough for streaming and watching video contents and also 4k. You can use this set-up box to browse the Internet, play music, play Android games, and stream IPTV channels anywhere you want. This set-up box has 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB storage for saving your media contents on the local storage. Furthermore, the storage capacity can be increased with an external memory stick. The device supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet. And the Operating System is Android 6.0 which enables you to install the latest apps and games on your set-up box.

Our in-depth review of Leelbox Q1

The video quality in this Android set-up box is very clear. This unit will cover most of your needs in almost every circumstances. It streams Youtube videos and Kodi amazingly. However, there were occurrences when the video was not stable, where the set-up box could not decode the codec needed for playing certain video formats.On the other hand, it was remarkable to see all the pre-loaded applications installed on the set-up box which will answer all your needs for streaming IPTV channels. The user interface is very simple and user-friendly. This set-up box can simply beat most of its expensive competitors. The materials used in this set-up box is pretty good which will stop the set-up box to overheat. Additionally, the set-up box has an auto-update feature. This Android set-up box comes with a 12-month warranty. That’s impressive given the low price for this set-up box.One of the downsides is that the RAM is 1GB and most of the Android set-up boxes have at least 2B RAM. The cache seems to fill up very quickly, so it needed to get cleared out frequently to enjoy continuous streaming for extended hours. It is not something that will cause huge problems, but worth mentioning in the review. Moreover, the overall design of the set-up box is not so eye-catching.

Final Verdict

Best on the price, it’s an astonishing little Android set-up box. It’s perfect for those who are searching for a fully operative Android set-up box under $50 without any extra features or unnecessary gadgets. You won’t regret purchasing this set-up box.

4. Zenoplige T95X

Zenoplige T95X GOOD
  • Ideal price
  • Pre-loaded with Kodi
  • Remote Control
  • Insufficient CPU

Product Specifications

The Zenoplige T95X Android TV set-up box appears with a lot of features and tools for streaming TV shows, live events, sports and other entertaining materials under one easy to use user interface with an affordable price. Under the small frame of the set-up box, there is a robust 64-bit Amlogic S905 CPU and Mali-450 5-Core GPU. It appears with a 1GB RAM and 8GB inner storage which can be used to store media contents inside the set-up box. Additionally, there are air vents to stop the set-up box from heating.

Our in-depth review of Zenoplige T95X

This set-up box is fully loaded with lots of apps such as Kodi. In the start, all we needed to do was to just plug in the set-up box and it was ready to function. The 8 GB of internal storage is not enough for 4k contents. However, the internal memory is expandable with external memory sticks. We were able to play 4k content, play heavy Android games, and perform large downloads with no trouble.The user interface of T95X is very user-friendly. It loads up in a matter of seconds. We recommend purchasing a good wireless remote control to have a better experience. This set-up box is ideal for using with Kodi. This set-up box supports the newest versions of Kodi.This set-up box is probably one of the best affordable Android boxes available on the market. The device is light and very small. The Wi-Fi signal is fast and powerful. The remote control included with the set-up box wasn’t functioning very well. The processing unit included in the T95X is one of the slowest of all the affordable Android boxes we reviewed. It still manages media playback well, but don’t demand much more. Furthermore, there is no power switch in this set-up box. Also, this unit doesn't support Bluetooth.

Final Verdict

Every element considered, it functions excellent for a device that costs less than 50 dollars. Given the affordable cost for this set-up box and the feature it has, you will get more than what you have paid for.