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Why People Use Amazon Fire Stick

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Amazon Fire Stick is a device that connects to your Television via HDMI port. It allows you to stream Live TV as well as Video On Demand through IPTV services to your Television screens using an internet connection. 

Viewing the popular TV shows and sports events on a big TV screen with the help of a surround sound device is truly an amazing experience. It’s actually very easy to start viewing live streams and Video On Demand contents using an Amazon Fire Stick device. All you need to do is to plug-in the device, and you begin streaming in seconds. The introduced feature called Alexa Voice Remote provides you an excellent control over lots of Menus and Items. Operating the device is also very stable and smooth.

Aside from just streaming live channels and Video On Demand, the Amazon Fire Stick is also filled with a lot of additional features such as Android games, apps and additionally provides you with access to a unique cloud service. This feature empowers you to save your own pictures and videos on the online cloud service and access these contents at any time.


What are the features and benefits of Amazon Fire Stick?

The Amazon Fire Stick is one of the best devices for streaming Live TV and Video On Demand which costs less than $50.

The Amazing Alexa Voice Remote Control feature is the standing point of this amazing device which allows you to control menus and channels with the help your voice commands. For example,  you can say “display the most recent TV shows” and a menu of recently released TV episodes will be presented to you.

When you own an Amazon Fire Stick dongle, you don’t need a high-priced cable subscription. You can stream and see your favorite TV shows and videos contents from your favorite IPTV provider.

The comprehensive search tool will allow you to find the channels you need immediately and efficiently.

You can quickly resume a film from the point you paused earlier and continue from where you left off.

Setting up the dongle is really easy and simple. All you need to do is to plug-in your Amazon Fire Stick dongle in the HDMI port on your TV, connect to the internet through Wi-Fi connection and your device is ready for streaming Live channels.

Take the entertainment world with you

The Amazon Fire Stick is one of the amazing streaming media players that brings lots of features and benefits which will answer all of your needs in the entertainment world. The Amazon Fire Stick is not restricted to a single place next to your TV setup at your house. The portability allows you to carry it anywhere you go. For example, you can bring it to your parent’s house to stream your favorite TV shows or an important soccer game which you can not miss. All you need is an HDMI TV and an internet connection.

The Alexa Voice Remote Control


The Alexa Voice Remote is an excellent smart feature. It allows you to control the Amazon Fire Stick dongle with your voice commands. For example, you can say that you want to watch some soccer videos. All you need to do is to just click the microphone button and say “Soccer videos” and it immediately offers you with a catalog of soccer videos. Or when you are watching a film and you want to skip the first 15 minutes. Just click the microphone button and say “Fast forward 15 minutes” and the film gets forwarded 15 minutes and begins playing.

How to run and operate the Amazon Fire Stick?

It’s very easy to setup your Amazon Fire Stick dongle with your TV. After removing the box and taking Amazon the Fire Stick out, attach the USB cable to the Amazon Fire Stick. The cord provided along with the dongle is not so long and you must make sure that a power outlet is near your TV setup. Now directly plug the Amazon Fire Stick into the HDMI port and turn on the device. You can begin streaming live channels and Video On Demand contents within a few seconds with the Amazon Fire Stick. When you start the dongle for the first time, Amazon Fire Stick presents an intro video that describes how to use the Amazon Fire Stick and its functionalities.

Other comparable TV sticks

Apart from Amazon Fire Stick, there are other similar TV sticks available in the market such as Roku and Chromecast.


Chromecast was one of the earliest streaming devices released in the market by Google and it immediately attracted a lot of recognition among other streaming dongles. The Chromecast is not an independent streaming dongle and in order to operate it needs your mobile phone as a content reference. With the help of your mobile phones, you can obtain access to lots of videos available on YouTube or various other contents which can be displayed on your TV.


One of the frequently used TV sticks for streaming IPTV channels and Video On Demand is Roku. With a powerful quad-core processor you can stream your videos and VOD contents quickly and easily by using an internet connection and a TV. Fast navigation through menus and immediate launch of channels is a fantastic benefit of using Roku. Compare to the Chromecast, Roku is an independent streaming device. Compared with Chromecast, Streaming channels and VOD in Roku doesn’t require a mobile phone or PC to function.

Final verdict

The new and enhanced Amazon Fire Stick is one of the best TV sticks for streaming IPTV channels compared to its rivals in terms of value, high-level user interface and an advanced voice control feature, Alexa. These excellent features allow the Amazon Fire Stick to stand out from its other competitors such as Roku and Chromecast. The Amazon Fire Stick is the best solution for streaming IPTV channels on any TV display with an HDMI port.